What Makes Us Special?
We are a unique event planning service that makes meetings, banquets, weddings, parties, and special events socially-reponsible and eco-friendly.

A lot of time and energy goes into planning an event that your guests will enjoy. Why not plan it forward and give something back to the very same community where your function takes place!

Following your program, you can help people in need by donating goods that relate directly to your event. Planning a wedding with a pink color theme?  We'll provide pink head scarves to women that lost all their hair from chemotherapy treatments. Your annual gala is taking place at an art museum... we'll deliver paint supplies to an art therapy program for autistic children. These are just two examples of how you can make a huge difference by planning your event forward. You can discover other creative donation ideas and learn more about this unique program by clicking here.

We can also rescue food or flowers that might be leftover from your event. Rather than ending up in a local landfill, we'll repurpose these items back in to the local community where they'll help feed the homeless and bring cheer to the elderly or people that are sick.

What makes an event special? Some believe it's the venue you select or food you serve. Others say it's the ambiance of the room or the theme you create. We believe it's what you do after your event is over that truly makes it memorable. And, the impact of your generosity will live on and improve the lives of those in need...long after your function has ended!