If you would like to plan it forward and give something back to the very same community where your event is taking place, we will facilitate the donation of goods that directly relate to the function you're planning. The price for this service includes the cost of these items plus an administrative fee to manage all the logistics to carry out the donation process. We'll provide you with a variety of donation options at different price points so you can select something that fits within your budget.

If you would like us to rescue leftover food or flowers from your event, we charge a fee which covers the cost of administering the rescue process and pay for the labor, supplies, and delivery charges we incur while providing this service. The fee is based on the size, timing and location of the program you're planning and the type of items we'll be collecting.

For corporate events, our service qualifies as a tax deductible business expense. For personal events such as a wedding or private party, the value of the goods we deliver to a non-profit recipient can be treated as a charitable donation on a personal tax return. Since everyone's financial situation is different, you should consult with your accountant or tax advisor to find out how to handle this deduction.
Art supplies to support art therapy programs for children with disabilities.