Donation Program
You can help rescue people in need by donating goods that relate directly to your event. Once you provide us with some information on the function you're planning, we'll work up a few different donation ideas for you to pick from. We'll take care of securing the goods being donated, manage all of the logistics to deliver them to the appropriate recipient(s), and obtain documentation which acknowledges receipt of the donation you've made.

Listed below are just a few of the ways you can plan it forward and make a difference within the very same community where your function takes place!

Event Type: We'll donate goods that relate to the type of event you are planning. Let's say it's a fashion show...we'll provide clothing to families that lost their belongings due to a fire, flood, or natural disaster.

Event Site: We'll donate goods that relate to the venue where your function's taking place. Planning a gala at a concert hall...we'll provide instruments to a music therapy program for soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD.

Event Theme: We'll donate goods that relate to the theme of your event. Planning a party based around sports...we'll furnish baseballs and gloves to a sports program that helps children with disabilities.

We can also donate goods to a particular charity you care about...irrespective of the type of event, venue, or theme of the function you're planning. Just let us know what causes are most important to you and we will customize the donation to benefit their specific needs!

Head scarves to comfort children that lost
their hair from chemotherapy treatments.