About Us
The senior management of our company has 30+ years experience planning and producing special events in numerous markets around the world. Although every program they worked on had its own unique characteristics, there is one important attribute they all had in common. They took place in a city where there was a growing population of people in need.

This number will continue to rise as the population of our planet increases and the effects of hunger, poverty, disease, disasters, and climate change continue to impact the fate of humankind. This reality is what sparked the idea and our passion for the business we've created. With thousands of events being planned each and every day, surely there has to be a way we can make a collective difference in the very same communities where these programs take place!

Since launching our business, we have helped thousands of people in need throughout several major markets across the country. Since humanitarian problems know no boundaries, we're planning on expanding our operations into several other countries around the world.

Stuffed animals to provide comfort for victims of a natural disaster.